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My friend Chris. On the list of Special People in my Life, he ranks very high.

Since day before yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about the addition of more portraits to my book -- and getting more and more energized by the idea.  So yesterday, I conned two friends of mine to let me take their photographs for the book -- my friend Chris, above, and the lovely Jodi, below.  These are a couple of the outtakes.

My friend Jodi.  One of the most intriguing women I know.

Remember Jodi, by the way?  The joy-filled bride who married our friend Matt?  They're expecting a daughter any day now -- and I have to admit as thrilled as I am for them (and I so am), I was a bit nervous yesterday as I was taking these photos, fearing she might go into labour at any moment.  I'm happy to report she didn't.

So anyway, when I returned home, I started combing my archives for additional portrait sessions I'd done in the past.  The following are a couple more people you might end up seeing in the book -- and again, these are outtakes:

My friend Kandi, mom to Sam, the child with eyes so astonishingly arresting they don't seem real. As you can see, her eyes are no slouch, either.


My lovely brother-in-law, Matt.  Though you can't see them here, his eyes are so kind.

There are still very few spaces left, if you're interested in possible inclusion in the book (and a free high-res portrait).  Today, I'll probably scout a few places for a shoot location.

Because really, the more I think about these faces, the more energized I get.


Update:  Entry for the book photo shoot is now closed.  Thank you so much, everyone!

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