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Heavens.  You know what I love about the comments on yesterday's post?  They prove Brené's point:  there are gifts associated with being imperfect.

According to Brené, the three gifts that come with embracing your imperfections are:

Courage -- Brené says "owning your story is the bravest thing you can do."  I wholeheartedly believe this:  it takes a special kind of bravery to claim your entire story, imperfections and all.  Yesterday's post received the highest number of comments on a Love Thursday post in recent history, and I love that none of you held back -- you shared your imperfections, some of them closely-held secrets, without hesitation.  Thank you so much for being so generous with yourself.

Compassion -- Another great definition by Brené:  "compassion is knowing your darkness well enough that you can sit in the darkness with others."  In general, around the blogosphere, I'm always astonished how mean-spirited some comments can be, how easy it is for some to leap on the discomfort of others.

And yet, you know how many comments I had to delete yesterday on that post, for fear of the words being mean or cruel?  NOT. ONE.  You all, every last one of you, supported each other, even agreeing with each other in certain instances.  You each willingly gave everyone else space to express themselves safely and securely.  It was so wonderful to watch:  again, thank you so much for this.

Connection --  One more Brené-ism:  "connection is the energy that exists between people when ... they can give and receive without judgment."  And if yesterday's comments didn't make that energy palpable here on Chookooloonks, then I surely don't know what would.

There you have it:  empirical evidence that you are each courageous, compassionate and connected.  It's definitive proof that you are one seriously gifted group of individuals.

So, hell yes, you are worthy of love.

And on that note, have a great weekend, friends.  May it be love-filled.

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 Incidentally, Brené and I were emailing yesterday as your comments were coming in, and she was as blown away as I was.  So while she was in a weak moment, I asked her if she would let me give two signed copies of her book away, instead of one, and she so happily agreed.  Therefore, using my usual oracle, Random.org, the winners of the signed books are:

deb @ talk at the table



Congratulations!  I'll contact you both via email to get your mailing information.  And thanks again to the rest of you for participating.  If you're still interested in owning Brene's book, The Gifts of Imperfection, which is 130 pages of concrete advice on how you can embrace your imperfections and live a truly wholehearted life, you can get your own copy here.


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