i draw the line at cockroaches, however

Scene: Sunday afternoon.  Laying on the couch, when suddenly, the doorbell rings.  Rufus loses his mind.

I reluctantly get up.

Peeking through the glass on the front door, I see the neighbour kid, G, one of Alex's best friends.  He's banging on the door. 

GCome out!  Come out now!!

I open the door.  G is hopping up and down with excitement, almost as if he has to pee.

GCome out!  Comenarlkwerwlekrnekn ... [unintelligible]

I look across the street.  G's mom is outside, and she's waving at me frantically to come over to their garden.


Without thinking, I dash inside, grab my camera body and a macro lens.  I slam the lens on the camera, and barefoot, I rush past Alex and go flying across the street ("Mommy!  You didn't look BOTH WAYS!").  I see the praying mantis, and immediately start snapping.  I've gone through about 10 frames before it finally dawns on me:

I hate bugs.

And this, my friends, is how I became That Crazy Black Lady With the Big Afro Down The Street Who Will Photograph Anything.


Image:  Photographed with my Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.  I named him "Percy."


SongBetter than sleeping alone, by Amelia.  This song was kindly suggested to me on Twitter by Jessica.

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