list #10: 8 changes i like

1.  Changing the bedsheets to ones fresh from the dryer.

2. Watching batter rise and puff up and brown in the oven as it turns into fresh-baked muffins.

3.  Allowing wet glue to dry on my fingers into a form that I can slowly peel off.

4.  Seeing the hot water in my mug gradually turning into the dark brown of my tea; then light brown when I add my milk.

5.  October 31st -- my unofficial last day of fall -- turn into November 1st -- my first unofficial day of winter.

6.  Noticing the sky turn from golden light to that deep rich blue of twilight.

7.  Feeling the liquid of shampoo become big, thick sudsy lather.

8.  Experiencing the space as I go between being barely awake to fast asleep.


Image:  The Halloween lights right before we took them down for another year, photographed with my Nikon D300, 50mm lens.  This image was inspired by Jenijen, who confessed that her favourite colour was orange for the photography scavanger hunt.


SongShed their fear by Yael Meyer

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