list #11: 9 things i'm enjoying lately that have absolutely no relation to one another (and a giveaway)

I've been coming across a lot of different things that I'm loving and I keep meaning to tell you about, but for some reason, I can't seem to find the right time to share them all with you.  So today, I thought I'd just tell you all at once. 

(Apologies in advance about the disjointedness of this post.  But I promise there's some really cool stuff here.) 

So!  Without further ado:

1.  I recently discovered this photoblogger's site.  There's something just so sweetly calming and nostalgic about it. 

2.  This weekend, Alex gave me a note out of the blue that said (spelling corrected):  "I love my mommy she is nice.  She even turns around and touches the ground and kicked her boyfriend out of town. And she loves me too a lot."  Needless to say, I love the way this makes me sound.  (Also, given my apparent recent boyfriend eviction, Marcus is understandably relieved.)

3.  I've fallen in love with the art of Mars Woodhill.  This local artist contributed some small pieces for the press kits that we sent out for the book, and she kindly gave me a few that we didn't use, that are now hanging in the entryway of our home.  My photos don't do her work justice -- she's really awesome.

4.  I don't usually link to negative subject matter, but this blog post about an unbelievably nightmarish boss had me counting my blessings.  And I figure that anything that encourages gratitude has to be a good thing.

5. Love this "photographic conversation" with a father and his autistic son -- images like this make me want to try harder.

6.  I recently tried two more rums in furtherance of my life list.  I know, I know -- I can't believe I haven't shared them with you yet, either!  The first was Ron Zapaca rum from Guatemala -- apparently considered one of the top classic rums.   I found it a bit harsh for my liking, and would really only give it about a 7. 

The second rum tasting happened while I was in Eugene, Oregon, snooping in the liquor cabinet of my friend Ali Edwards.  She had some Hawaiian rum, "Maui," and since I didn't know Hawaii made rum, I couldn't pass it up.  While I don't generally like white rums, this one was quite pleasant -- almost like a sweet, smooth vodka.  I'd actually give this one a 7.5 or 8. 

So there you go.  That's numbers 14 & 15 down -- only 35 more to go.

7.  I think I've been remiss in sharing this video of my friend Brené's talk at TEDxHouston.  She's so good, it's no wonder the video's gone viral.

8.  And finally, I was recently sent an extra copy of the UK version of Expressive Photography -- and my, it is a lovely book, even if I do say so myself.  Would you like it?  Simply leave a comment below, telling me what you're enjoying in your life lately.  I'll pick someone at random before midnight, and announce the winner in tomorrow's post.  (And you don't have to be from the UK to enter -- it's open to everyone.)

I can't wait to read what you're enjoying!

Image:  Flower from a bouquet that Alex picked out for me.  Photographed with my Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.


9.  (Song) Speaking of love, this video homage to a loved one is quite possibly the sweetest thing I've seen all year (and how cute are Danielle and Seth?).  And since seeing it on Danielle's site this weekend, the song hasn't left my mind.  Ergo, and therefore, it's clearly today's song (by the awesome Ethan Lipton - you can buy his album here):

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