love thursday: rainy walk

Alex is off of school this week; unfortunately, I am not.  So we have a deal:  she lets me work until lunchtime, and then after we eat, we do something together.  Normally that "something" is a movie (we've seen Tangled and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) or hitting our neighbourhood park.

Yesterday, however, it rained pretty much all day, so the park was out of the question.  (So was Yogi Bear.  I can only do so much, people.)  So after lunch, when the rain abated a bit, we took a walk.




I'd like to pretend that it's an inconvenience having her at home while I have work to do, but the truth is, I love it.  She's starting to go from little girl to big girl, and she's funny and smart and makes me laugh.  Hanging out with her is a wonderful way to wind down my year.



Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


Images:  Photographed with the Nikon D700 that Nikon lent me, and my 60mm micro lens.


SongAny other day by Wyclef Jean featuring Norah Jones

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