random thoughts: things i've noticed that i like over the last few weeks

One from the archives. I figure we could all use a little sign of spring.

1.  Houses that were designed in one period, but which are filled with furniture and fittings from another.  Like old, baroque-fancy homes filled with modern furniture, for example.  Or starkly modern buildings with antique crystal chandeliers.

2.  Unexpected colours together, particularly in clothing.  Maggie is a great example of how this works: she's a Colour Combining Ninja.  Like, would you ever consider baby blue and orange together?  Me either.  But she does it, and it works.

3.  Brené's take on the writing process.  Indeed, there's much squawking and flapping around going on in these parts, as well.

4. Honey Nut Cheerios right out of the box.  Actually I've sort of known I like this for a while.

On that note, back to the book.  It's starting to come together.  Which, I guess, makes this #5.

Take care, friends.


SongGotta get up by Jill Scott

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