I turn in my manuscript, above, tomorrow -- all 208 pages of it.  It represents the last 9 months of my life, but it's not over yet:  now, it's going to be edited with a critical eye, and there will likely be a few rewrites in my future. But today, it feels like the book is officially written:  going forward, it's just about making adjustments before it goes to print.

When I first talked to my publisher about this 9 months ago and she decided to take on the project, I remember musing to her, "Oh my gosh -- I'm going to be an author!"  She immediately responded, "You are an author!  You just have to write the book!"

I didn't really believe her -- I think to be called an author, you should have at least written a book, you know?

So now, today, I finally sort of think I might just be an author.

Anyway, as is probably obvious, I'm feeling relieved.  Related:  I'm so excited to be shooting primarily for the blog again.  It's good to be fully back.


Song: Doo wop (that thing) by Lauryn Hill

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