random thoughts: looking for rhythm again

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I'm in this strange limbo.  After 2 weeks of my routine completely up-ended as I worked toward my Monday deadline, I find myself sort of spinning, unable to get my footing, and I'm having a hard time getting back into my rhythm.  I'm busy playing catch up on all the items I've let lie dormant for a while (the superpower forum being one of them -- I know, I'm sorry, we'll be back up and running very soon, I promise), but this week the Mom 2.0 Summit begins, and in addition to speaking, I've got some unexpected writing and shooting duties to assume as well on behalf of a local online publication (I'll link to it in the coming days).  I'm looking forward to all of it -- not to mention there are several bloggers coming to town who I'm really excited to reconnect with -- but if I'm honest, I'm also craving a little routine, a little quiet.

So -- any advice as to how to put a little calm in an otherwise hectic schedule?  I suspect I'll be having a lot of green or herbal teas in the next few days (not to mention burning a little extra incense and playing some calm music in my workspace), but any other little nuggets of inspiration will be gratefully received.


SongDestiny by Zero 7

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