the beautiful faces of mom 2.0

Jenny Lawson being crowned "Czar of Nothingness" by the Mayor of Martindale, Texas, as Allison Cznarnecki, Rachael Herrscher and Jyl Johnson Pattee look on.

After quite the exciting weekend spending time with some great folks at the Mom 2.0 Summit, things should be able to settle back into some semblance of a routine.  I had a great time at the conference, which I wrote about at some length here, here, here, and here; but the best part of the conference for me was getting the chance to photograph some of my favourite faces around the web.

Here are some of them:

The breathtaking (in so many beautiful ways) Leah.


Heather.  She makes me laugh and laugh.


Loralee.  Her different:  she is a classically-trained opera singer.  How cool is that?


Alice.  The word that comes to mind most when I think of her is "enchanting." Seriously lovely person.


Mir.  Her smile positively lights up rooms.


Rachel.  Those eyes, man.  Those eyes.


Imelda.  Just being in her presence makes you feel calm.


Susan.  Whenever I look at her eyes, I just feel happy.  She has the happiest eyes.


Jon.  My favourite thing was watching is face as he talked about his family.  Beautiful.


I so enjoyed photographing all of them, and there were many more people I wanted to photograph, but didn't get the opportunity to.  No matter, our paths will cross again soon.

One more thing:  I loved the motto of this year's summit:

What You Do Matters


Because it does, you know.

Song'Til Kingdom Come by Coldplay


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