same orchid, same kitchen window, one day later, 11:33 a.m. (and, at long last, an achieved milestone)

 As of yesterday, I've finished all the content of the book.  To be clear, it is not in any condition you would possibly want to read.  I haven't reread any of it since writing it, so I've no doubt it's chock full of misspellings, sentence fragments and full run-on paragraphs.  It's possible that the entire tome doesn't have even one punctuation mark in it.  Seriously, I have no idea.  But the content is in there.  And so, for this, I am happy.

To celebrate yesterday's milestone, I danced a little jig in my studio.  Then I made a cup of tea. 

Then took a few more pictures of the orchid.





Now, for the next two weeks, I edit.  I edit like the wind.  I cut, paste, rearrange, remove, delete, add.

And possibly insert punctuation.


SongMilkshake by Kelis.  Because it works as good, dance-a-jig-in-your-studio, celebratory music.

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