bossy's (no) book tour

Today, Georgia Getz, the inimitable and lovely Bossy, arrived in Houston on her (No)Book Tour, and I'm lucky enough that she'll be staying with me for the next couple of days, before continuing on her 12,000 mile journey around the United States.  I was also lucky enough to completely take advantage of her tweet-up tonight, and photograph some truly beautiful faces:







For documentary purposes, the (No)Book Tour is being filmed at several of the meet-ups across the country, and luckily for us, here in Houston the very sweet Niko was our cameraman:



And then this random guy, Robert, showed up, and wanted to be photographed:



(We suspect Robert's party started waaaaaay before ours did.)


Such a great time.  Thanks to all of you who allowed me to capture your beautiful, different faces.


SongLife is a highway, as performed by Rascal Flatts

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