raindrops and ... fairies. let's just say it's a fairy.


On Sunday afternoon, it rained.  Hard.

After the rain passed, I decided to grab my macro lens to take a few shots -- because you know how I loves me some water shots.  After I shot a couple of one of the trees in our back yard (above), Marcus directed my attention to how the raindrops were clinging to this tiny little potted plant I brought home and left on our patio a couple of months ago.



Needless to say, I was enthralled.  So I took a couple more.




When I pulled the images up on my computer, I was really pleased to discover that there was very little processing needed to make them look decent.  So I was having a great time, just quickly sharpening them a bit here, upping the contrast there ...

... and then I pulled up this picture:




You see her, right?  I didn't process this image at all, for fear she would go away.  But you see her, right? And she's clearly not my reflection.  And I was alone when I took the shot (Marcus had gone inside by this point), so she's not anyone else's reflection, either.

Marcus sees her, and he's as creeped out as I am.  Alex and her best friend saw her, and excitedly pronounced that I had captured an image of a fairy.

Yeah.  A fairy.  Okay, that's what she is.

A Fairy


Let's go with that.




Comment of the day:  "Um, she looks a little pissed off. (kind of how I look when someone snaps my pic unawares). And if that's the case.. maybe you should give the camera a break for a day or two. Just sayin. Fairy revenge must be a bitch." ~ kaela

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