friday chookooloonks life list update: number 59, learn to solve rubik's cube? CHECK. numbers 17 & 18, alex and i make friendship bracelets? CHECK. CHECK.

Bonus chookooloonks life list image:  a flower bud (number 64)!  Yay me!


Last Friday, I was scanning my life list, and realized that I had put "learn to solve Rubik's Cube" as item 59.

Last Friday seemed as good a day as any to get that done.  So I went out and got a Rubik's Cube, and did it.







You cannot imagine how great it feels to see those colours finally come together at the end.  If you'd like to experience it yourself, go pick yourself up a Rubik's Cube, and start watching an excellent series of instructional videos I found on YouTube, which start here.

* * * * * * *

As if that wasn't enough, also on Friday, I received a lovely email from reader Misty, who, noting that number 17 on my list was to learn how to make a friendship bracelet,  kindly sent me a link to a video with the easiest directions on how to make one, ever.  So, Saturday morning, since Alex and I had some Girl Time alone, we ran to our local hobby shop and bought an entire kit of embroidery floss.

I picked out 4 colours ...

... and look what I made!



So, given that number 17 was complete, I decided to tackle number 18, to teach Alex how to make a friendship bracelet.  So she picked out 4 colours, and look what she made!


Okay, she only made about two-thirds of it before she got completely bored, and I finished it.  But I figure two-thirds counts, by gum.


And on that note, have a great weekend, everybody.

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