dude. they really *do* grow up way too fast.

There is a lovely woman who is the crossing guard at the major light near Alex's school.   She's always so warm, and her story is one of enduring unthinkable sadness with mindboggling grace, resulting in her currently raising her very young granddaughter by herself.  Given this, whenever she speaks of parenthood, I listen closely.

One morning after spring break, she was helping us cross the street.  She looked at Alex as Alex was waving hello.

"She's grown!" she said, startled.

"I know," I groaned.  "It's happening too fast."

"Just wait," she smiled.  "Once she hits first grade, it flies."

Two days later I got an email from Alex's teacher saying there was only 8 weeks left in the school year. After which, my kid will be in first grade.



SongKatherine Center's new book, Get Lucky, is offiicially released today.  In celebration of its release, Katherine made a short video trailer, featuring childhood movies of her and her sisters.  I thought I'd share it with you, below, because of the cool song you're about to hear.  It's "Too Much Coffee" by Danielle Sansone, who, it turns out, is actually a college chum of Katherine's.