santa fe, new mexico and the wild, wild west

This wasn't the first time that our family had been to Santa Fe.  When Alex was 6 months old, we took a family vacation there, and it was the first time the three of us spent concentrated time together with no distractions whatsoever.  That particular holiday really solidified our relationships as a family  -- and Alex's adoption was finalized about a week later, which was just perfect.  For this reason, I've always considered Santa Fe and the small towns around it as sort of special, magical places.  It's also why we were so happy to return, and it seemed so right that Alex's godfather got married there.

Of course, Santa Fe is magical for so many other reasons, including the amazing Native American culture, the sense of history ...

... and the light.  Oh, sweet Mother of Gumby, the light.





Of course, the kitschy feel of the Wild West helps, too.


Images:  Photographed with a Nikon D300 and 24-85mm zoom lens.


Song: Real gone by Sheryl Crow