friday chookooloonks life list update: number 67, fly in a hot air balloon -- CHECK.

So, when I got that email from the PR person from Nikon, the one inviting me to test out a couple of lenses, I decided that since I was going to get to try a wide-angle lens for the first time, it was important for me to complete a life list item when I did it.  So I scanned my list, and suddenly, I knew just the thing.

I called Brené.

"Hey," I said.  "I have a proposal."

"I. Do," she said immediately.  I laughed.

"Well, if you'll do that, you'll do this:  you know how we're going to Park City next month?"


"Well, I want to do a life list item.  I want to ride on a hot air balloon.  Are you in?"

It was her turn to laugh.

"You know you called me, right? Brené?"


"I'm afraid of heights, Karen."

"So am I, Brené."


"Because I'm afraid of heights.  And I want to push myself.  And a hot air balloon seems like a relatively calm way to do it.  Are you in?"

She was in.

And today, we did it.









And terrifying.  And awesome.  We went about 4,500 feet above Heber, Utah, just outside of Park City.  There were apparently a few tense moments, having to do with things like windshear and shifting winds, but our pilot, Logan, was an absolute pro, and never really let on that he was concerned until after the flight.  And once we were up, it was just so beautiful, so peaceful, and despite the fact that I'm still petrified of heights, I cannot WAIT to go again. 

If you've never done this, seriously, you must try.  And if you happen to be in Park City, Utah when you want to do it, I strongly, strongly recommend Park City Balloon Adventures -- they are really fantastic, completely professional, and Brené and I had a helluva time.

And now, I'm off to enjoy the conferenceBut if you'd like to see the entire set of photos, click here.


Images:  Photographed with my Nikon D300 and that whizbang of a lens Nikon lent me, the 10-24mm wide angle.


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