love thursday: how to charm me

In the last week, several people have really enchanted me. They have done so by:

1.  knowing me well enough to finish my thought, or to correctly and appropriately answer a question before I even fully voice it;

2.  quoting from a 21-year-old movie as part of common, everyday conversation, correctly suspecting I'd get it and quote back;

3.  purposefully limping with aged legs to my husband, just to tell him how lucky he is;

4. yelling across a busy playground to wish my daughter and me a happy and joyful summer; and

5.  spontaneously grabbing a jar of bubble soap and a wand before going outside, when all I'd asked was permission to take a simple portrait.



It's been a very good week.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.  Here's to the people who charm you every day.

Images:  Photographed in our back yard with Nikon D300 and ancient 50mm manual lens.


Song: It had to be you, as performed by Harry Connick Jr.