bonus shot: trini pimentos

These peppers are what we Trinis call "pimentos," but I don't think that's their real name.  They're pretty ubiquitous in Trini cooking:  they have all of the flavour of really hot peppers, but for some strange reason, none of the heat -- they're about as spicy as a bell pepper.  This year, the plant in our back yard is experiencing a bumper crop, and I've been freezing them to use all year long: in stews, with scrambled eggs, and even in tuna salads.  Because they're impossible to get in the United States, we've been guarding our stash like Fort Knox.


I'm sorry?  What's that you're asking?

How did we manage to get a pimento plant in the first place?

Ah.  Right.

So this is where I fall back on my legal training:  I plead the 5th, on the grounds that answering that question might incriminate me.


(P.S.  Not to change the subject or anything, but thanks SO MUCH to all of you for your lovely well-wishes yesterday.  I was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed, I say.  Thank you.)