list #4: things that confuse me


1.  The difference between cosmology and astronomy (although I do know the difference between cosmetology and astrology).

2.  How airplanes fly. Yes, yes, I know, "thrust" ... whatever, planes are heavy, man.  They should not be able to fly.

3.  "Cold Stream" by Cy Twombly.  I love art.  I even love modern art.  Moreover, there are a couple of works by Cy Twombly that I quite like. But this particular piece, try as I might, I just don't get.

4.  Those bathtubs in the Cialis ads.  Their significance totally escapes me.

5.  Why I keep trying to figure out the significance of the bathtubs in the Cialis ads.

6.  Bungee jumping.

7.  Licorice.


* * * * * * * 

Completely unrelated:  at the end of next week, I plan on being in New York City for the annual BlogHer conference.  On the last night, Saturday, August 7, several of my favourite bloggers and I are going to be getting together at a bar called The Volstead, for an old school meet-up.  You know, we're just going to hang.  Chillax.  Lime, as we say in Trinidad.

And if you happen to be in New York next week, we'd love for you to join us. There's not going to be any sponsors or swag or free food or free drinks or any real purpose, other than just an opportunity to connect. 

If this sounds like fun to you, the details are here. Perhaps I'll see you there?


Image:  Photographed with my Nikon D300 and my 50mm.


Song: Makeda by Les Nubians