love thursday: 10 things i hated as a kid that i've grown to love

1.  Ginger.  Seriously, sushi-restaurant-waitstaff, you don't even have to bother asking if I might want extra.  The answer is always -- always -- yes.

2.  Wine.  It has become difficult to imagine there was actually a time that I didn't enjoy the taste.

3.  Coffee.  Although I don't drink it very often.  But there's something sublime about a really good coffee.

4.  Tofu.  It must be firm, mind you, but yeah.  I'm a fan.

5.  News radio, especially NPR.  When did the news become so interesting?

6.  Going to sleep early.  Remember when an early bedtime was the bane of a kid's existence?  Now, for my part, I crave an early bedtime.  It doesn't happen often enough, man.

7.  Beans.  Beans used to be the scourge of the devil.  Now?  I love 'em.  Especially black beans.  God bless the noble black bean.

8.  Ditto a really delicious, elaborate salad.

9.  Short fingernails.  I used to desperately wish for long ones.  Now I love them short (more convenient for chookoolele playing, too).

10. Boys.  Particularly mine.


Happy Love Thursday, friends.  May you grow to love many, many things.


Image:  Photographed with Nikon D300 and my 60mm micro


SongThe way I am by Ingrid MichaelsonHat tip to Helene for suggesting this one.

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