list #7: 10 smells that take me back

1.  Vitalis -- my Dad.  Always used it, all his life, perfectly groomed hair.

2.  Freshly poured concrete -- Trinidadian construction zones.  They are ubiquitous.

3.  The ocean -- my childhood on Mayaro beach.

4.  Peanuts -- my paternal grandmother.  She roasts her own.

5.  Brown sugar and guavas -- my maternal grandmother.  She loved her guava cheese.

6.  Polo cologne -- walking through the men's dorm at Texas A&M University, c. 1984-1986.  Especially on a Friday night.

7.  Coconut oil -- sitting on the floor between my Auntie Aqui's knees while she braided my hair when I was a kid.

8.  Old Spice -- my Grampa.  Always and forever.

9.  Jean Naté After Bath Splash -- my mom.  I don't think she wears it anymore, but she definitely did while I was in high school.

10.  Rain -- the rainforests of Trinidad.


Image:  Brasil cafe during a sudden downpour, photographed with my Nikon D300, 60mm lens.

Song: I can't stand the rain, as performed by Missy Elliott (Lumbajack remix)

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