random thought: the key to world peace

Yesterday morning, as I was having my breakfast of fruit with Greek yoghurt and Texas honey, I thought to myself that it's sort of amazing that foods from such disparate cultures could work so amazingly together.

And it made me think that while politics and religions often clash, when it comes to food and music and art in general, people often see past stereotypes and prejudices and biases.  Restaurants offer "fusion" dishes and become the talk of the town.  Musicians and composers sample songs and beats and even lyrics from different cultures to create entirely new genres.  Books are translated and become bestsellers all over the world.

"It seems to me," I thought, "that the arts might be onto something, in a way that governments have yet to understand.  It seems that there ought to be a way to harness the arts to ..."

... but then I became distracted by my fruit with Greek yoghurt and Texas honey.  Because sweet mother of Gumby, that's a delicious meal.


Image: Photographed with my Nikon D300 and 60mm lens.


SongMorton the Caterpillar by Davey Rocker.  As it happens, this song is on the very cool album Do Fun Stuff, an anthology of "children's music for adults," curated by my friend Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room.  All proceeds of this album benefit research of Smith-Magenis Syndrome, which Ryan's young 6-year-old son has.  If you enjoy this song, please consider purchasing your own copy of this album here.

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