random thoughts: an experiment

Over the last month or so, I've been experimenting with my journaling.  I mean, for the most part, I've been doing what I always do, but sort of turbo-charged: I decided that whenever I had a free moment, I would write, or add colour, or do whatever I wanted in the pages, without trying to do it in any particular way.  If I had 10 extra minutes, I made random lists, brainstormed problems, whatever.  I just tried to use my pen any time I was free to put my thoughts on paper.

So yesterday, now that I'm approaching the end of this particular journal, I started paging through it.  And I discovered that this just might be my favourite journal I've ever done.  In addition to being filled with colour and images, it's also been really good to look through the pages for providing inspiration for writing projects and other things I wanted to try.  And it's really been the most thorough record of my thoughts and emotions over the past 6 weeks or so.

Isn't that interesting?  When I journaled going completely by instinct, by my gut; but most importantly, when I stopped to listen, the result was that even without schedules or rituals I was more productive than I'd ever been, and I was also more proud of the result.  It's like somehow when I let go of the schedule and the "rules," I ended up doing more -- which is so counterintuitive, to me.  But there it is.

So I started wondering: what if I started stopping to listen and pay attention to what felt right when it came to my work?

The way I take care of my body?  The way I exercise?

The way I eat?

So for the next 6 weeks I'm going to try -- really listen to what my body and spirit are moving me to do, and act accordingly.  An intense exercise in mindfulness, I guess.  I figure I'd go ahead and say this publicly here and now, to make it official.  Keep me honest, and check back with me at the end of February, and I'll let you know if I manage to do it, and if I notice any difference.

(Also:  care to join me?)


Image:  Nikon D300, 60mm lens.


Song: Movin' on up by Primal Scream

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