2 really great ways to start a new year

 The first way:  Really good friends, really good wine, and a really big ol' pot of black eyed peas.









The second wayIf you are in or near the Seattle area (or are in the mood for a trip!), put this date on your calendar:  January 23rd, 2011, 7pm, be at Lucid Jazz Lounge, on 5241 University Way.  Because if you come, you'll be able to join me, along with the amazing Jason Parker Quartet, for a cozy evening of very cool jazz and very warm, heartfelt readings from The Beauty of Different.  We're even working on having a bookseller in attendance to sell copies of the book, in case you haven't managed to pick your own copy up yet. 

I've been excited about this for over a month, and I really, really hope you'll join us. I can't wait to meet you!

(Feel free to RSVP on Facebook here!)


Images:  Taken with the Nikon D700 that Nikon lent me, with my 50mm lens.


SongFences by Peas

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