seattle jazz trip: on sculptures, pikes place and that needle

We weren't allowed to touch the art. But I touched this installation anyway.  I'm outta control, I tell you!

After lunch, Giyen had to return to work, so Darrah and Tea took Vic and me to the Sculpture gardens.  Here's something cool I learned about Seattle:  a certain portion of the city budget every year is earmarked for public art installations -- can you imagine?  They spend money to keep making the city more and more beautiful. 

Take note, Houston.


I couldn't help but notice how amazing the light was -- even though it was overcast, it wasn't raining, so combined with the colours around us, it made for beautiful shots. I said as much to Darrah.

"Oh yeah," she said.  "I do a lot of portrait sessions here."  And then she demonstrated.

Vic & me -- photo by Darrah.


Vic, me & Tea -- photo by Darrah.

So we played around, taking more and more photographs.



And then we started goofing around.


Photo by Darrah.


And then I remembered my propensity for attracting the attention of security guards, so we sobered up and moved on to Pike Place Market.

This place is pretty incredible -- a bustling, multi-level market that reminded me strongly of Covent Garden in London.  Lots of stores and vendors selling art, and jewelry, and interspersed little bars with great views of Puget Sound. 

And this lovely young woman (from Houston, no less!) ...

... gave me a sample of some of the most amazing chocolate-mocha spread, and even though I wasn't planning on spending any money, I bought a jar on the spot (because if there's something my husband loves, it's chocolate and coffee).  I put it in my carry-on bags, and at the airport security a TSA officer promptly pulled me aside.  A little flirting and sweet-talking later, and he went ahead and let me keep it and go on to my gate.

I still got it, baby.  (Actually, he admitted that he just hated the hassle of confiscating items, but I'm choosing to think it was all the power of my feminine wiles. Please do not try to tell me otherwise.)

Anyway, I have to tell you, even if you're not a vegetarian, just walking through the market it will make you strongly consider the lifestyle:


Victoria agreed:  these displays just made us want to do a face-plant into the fruits and vegetables and eat them all.

Finally, it was time to get back to the hotel and get ready for the evening.  We didn't even have time to stop at Seattle's most iconic landmark, the Space Needle, but I did manage to capture a shot through Darrah's windshield as we sped by:

Every time I look at this picture, I think of that song "Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs" that they always sang at the end of the television show Frasier.  "Goodnight, Seattle, we love you!"


It was a spectacular day.

Tomorrow?  All that jazz, baby.

Images:  Except as otherwise noticed, all photographs were taken by me with the Nikon D700 that Nikon so generously loaned me, with various lenses.


SongPurple haze by Jimi Hendrix.  Fun fact I learned from Darrah on this day:  Jimi Hendrix was from Seattle!

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