nablopomo day 22: where's walrond? (day 5)

Okay, today I come clean:  we have a winner for the Where's Walrond challenge!  That said, the correct answer is not the city many of you think it is.  Congratulations, Good Guesser -- do you know who you are? 

Anyway, we've still got guesses all over the map, so I'm going to continue posting ever-more-revealing clues to our Undisclosed Vacation Location, so those who haven't yet figured it out can continue to play along (and whoever guessed correctly can confirm their answer).

I took this shot because this woman has the kind of funky-cool look I envision all young women from this town possess.  I'm not sure why that is, but there you have it.

Can you guess where we are?  City and country, please!

More soon.

Karen Walrond19 Comments