list #29: how to jumpstart the christmas spirit when you've been too busy to think about it

1.  Note with horror that Christmas is a mere three weeks away, and you've done absolutely nothing to prepare.

2.  Briefly consider not decorating this year for Christmas.

3.  Remember that you're a mom, and not decorating for Christmas might just possibly be a crime.

4.  Nag your husband, who is in much the same mood as you are, to go up into the attic to bring the Christmas stuff down.  Nag often enough that he does it just to keep you quiet.

5.  Put on some rump-shaking Christmas music.  Turn up the volume to an obnoxious level.  This will do.

6.  Start decorating the tree.  Smile when your family joins you, one-by-one.

7.  Continue to decorate the tree, remembering the mantras "More is More," and "If It Fits On The Tree, By Gum, It Goes On The Tree."

8.  Finish dumping every ornament you have (and a few things that aren't technically ornaments) on the tree.  Turn off the lights, and admire your handiwork:


All right, Christmas.  Bring it.


Update:  So this morning I had an idea:  I think I'd love to do 12 Days of Chookooloonks, and if you happen to be a photographer/crafter/artist who is trying to get the word out about your business, I'd love your help:

Starting December 12, and for 12 days thereafter (through December 23rd), I will host a giveaway every day on this site.  Each day, the winner will win, at a minimum a 2012 Chookooloonks calendar (much like the ones I sold a few years ago), but on a couple of days, I may also give away a signed copy of The Beauty of Different.  But honestly?  I'd love to giveaway some beautiful handmade products as well.

So if you're interested in having your product given away, please email me at, and I'll pick 12 photographers/crafters/artists to feature on the site (and also place a link to your store in the sidebar of my blog through the month of January).  Note:  you don't have to be located in the United States -- you can be anywhere -- but you have to be willing to ship your product internationally to the winner.  I hate limiting any giveaways on my blog to just the US, so this is a non-negotiable.  I'll pick the winners, and send you the address for you to send your product.

Are you in?  I hope you are!  Again, if you're interested, please send me an email to, with a link to your website/etsy store.  I can't wait to see your stuff!


Updated again: Thanks, everyone, I have all the wonderfully talented people I need to make this a great giveaway. Stay tuned -- these people are going to blow your minds with the awesome. :)


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