checking in (and a little giveaway)

Every so often, I like to check in with you all about how your experience is going here at Chookooloonks.  Even though there are no plans to make any huge changes here at the blog, I also want to make sure that you guys are getting what you come here for on the site.

To that end, I'm asking for your help:  can you let me know in the comments what you'd like to see more of here on the site? I'm looking for constructive comments, that will help me craft content over the coming year or so.  I'm hoping for answers to questions like:

1.  Why do you come to the site? Is it to look at the images or to get some ideas of how to shoot (or not shoot!) your own photographs?  Do you come for the words, for something to think about?  Feel connected to the other commenters?  Just grab a moment's peace?  Something else?

2.  What sorts of things would you like to see more of -- podcasts?  Videos?  Portraits with accompanying interviews (like The Motherhood Project or the videos in Own Your Beauty on The Beauty of Different blog)? Travel shots?  More technical photography stuff?

3.  How does the 1-post-a-day work for you -- does that feel about right?  Do you wish there were more?  Do you wish there were fewer?  Do you wish that rather than posting every weekday, I post every other day, including weekends?

In exchange for your trouble (and because Love Day fast approaches, and really, what's Love Day without a small token of affection?), I thought I'd pick a commenter at random to win a 1-year Pro account with Flickr -- allowing you unlimited uploads of photo and video (if you already have a Pro account, this will just tack on an additional year to your subscription).  If you're not that into photography yourself, if you win, tell me who in your life you'd like to give the Flickr account to, and I'll do that, instead.  Simply leave your comment below, and I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Thanks in advance, everyone.  And have a great weekend.


Image:  I dug this one out of the archives -- photographed in Napa Valley at Boon Hotel, back in September.  I'm pretty sure I used my Nikon D300, and 50mm lens.


SongThe cool in you by Babyface

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