a beautifully different moment: date night

This past weekend, Marcus and I had date night.  It had been a while since we'd gone out, just the two of us, but we've been trying to be frugal.  Still, Valentine's Day was this week, we were looking for some time alone, and so we threw caution to the wind, hired a babysitter, and went out.

Marcus had wanted me to come with him to a restaurant that he'd patronized before, but was new to me.  So he told me that he'd made reservations at El Meson, a Cuban/Spanish restaurant near Rice University.  Spanish food has a special place in our hearts:  the day we got married (the quickie marriage, not the white wedding that happened two months later), we spent the afternoon at a small tapas restaurant in the Chelsea area of London, eating great food and getting vaguely plowed on sangria before heading to the hotel conference room we'd booked to meet the officiant and say our vows.  It's a great memory; this restaurant, therefore, reserved for Saturday, sounded perfect.

So Saturday night, we got dressed up, had a quick glass of wine at Salento Wine Cafe (a very cool coffeehouse/wine bar), and then headed over to El Meson.  It was a lovely, intimate night.




Happy Love Thursday, all.


Images:  So -- get this -- my hard drive crashed.  I know.  And so my main computer is in the Apple hospital (also know as the "Genius Bar") currently getting an emergency backup (that I hope-I hope-I hope will save all of the last 2 years of my work and life!), and a new hard drive.  Unfortunately, the images above were on that crashed drive, so I can't look up and tell you what my settings were when I took them, and I honestly don't remember.  All I can tell you is that they were shot with my Nikon D300 and my 50mm lens.  Sorry I can't provide more info.  Going forward, though, we should be okay. *fingers crossed*


Song: You give me something by Jamiroquai

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