the effect of kindness (see also: chookooloonks life list item #56, try 700 different blends of tea)

It was Tuesday afternoon, time to get the mail.  I walked to our front door, and the first thing I saw was a small package.  I'm not expecting a package.  I looked at return address:  it was from my friend, Tea.

I turned the package over.  There was a note on the back, written in black Sharpie:  "Shake first -- can you guess what it is?"

I shook the box.  No clue.

I opened the box, and found three small paper bags.  What in the...?  I read the labels...

...tea!  Tea from Tea! 

A pretty postcard fell out of the box.  "Some tea to warm you up," it said.  "Know that I'm thinking of you."

I went straight to the kitchen, and stood on tiptoes and pulled my special teapot -- one that holds just enough for a couple of cups -- from the topmost cabinet.  I filled the electric kettle with water, and turned it on.

I looked at each packet -- one was labeled "Immunity." Hmm, I thought.  I read the ingredients: cardamom, lemongrass, ginger root, licorice root, black pepper, peppermint.

I ripped open the packet and inhaled the aroma.  Heavenly.

Taking a teaspoon, I scooped the loose tea into the little wire basket in the teapot.  After 7 minutes, I poured the tea in fancy little cup.

Then, I found a sunny spot in my kitchen, and sat down.

I sipped.

I smiled.


Happy Love Thursday, friends.  And thanks, Tea.  You made my week.


Image: Photographed with my Nikon D300, 50mm lens.  aperture 1.4, shutter speed 1/100, ISO 200.  I'm so grateful to my lovely friend for sending these lovely teas to me -- this was such a thoughtful gift, out of the blue.  Also? This counts as number 5 on my life list quest to taste 700 different blends of tea -- only 695 more to go.

I better get crackin'.)


Song: Little bird by Imogen Heap

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