random thoughts: on change

Alex does not do particularly well with change: she gets very anxious with any aberration in routine.  Even last year, when we told her that we were moving her into the guest room (a much bigger bedroom than the one she had rapidly outgrown), and painting it in her favourite colour pink, she balked.  Of course she loves her room now, but at the time, she couldn't have imagined a more horrifying proposition.  Alex is definitely a person who loves familiarity.

I am exactly the opposite:  where Alex is a person who craves consistency, I fear stagnancy.  When things stay the same for too long, I get highly antsy.  I'm constantly looking for some sign of progress, false or not -- a change of scenery, a new habit, a further adventure, whatever.

I feel the need for a change approach.  And this makes me almost high with anticipation.


(By the way -- if you're in Houston, please come out and see me at Blue Willow Bookshop on 14532 Memorial Drive Tuesday evening at 7!  You can even pick up a signed copy of The Beauty of Different.  You know, for Valentine's Day.  It's only a week away, you know...)


Image:  Photographed in our entryway with the Nikon D300, 60mm lens.


Song:  If you think you need some lovin', by Pomplamoose.  Even though the video below is actually a year old, I just found it this weekend.  And I can't get enough of it.  It's adorable.

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