the beauty of different podcast, episode # 2: shooting at dusk, with eat more cake

Welcome to the second episode of The Beauty of Different Podcast!  I love that so many of you enjoyed the previous episode, so I thought we'd try to make this happen every other week or so (so if you know of some emerging bands you'd like to hear, let me know!). 

Some highlights from this week's podcast:

1.  These images, taken at dusk, were inspired by the song Better than Everything, from the band Eat More Cake.  This song is low and mellow and awesome.  However, I feel it important to warn you that while it is low and mellow and awesome, there is a bit of profanity in the lyrics -- therefore, if you happen to be listening to this at work or somewhere where there are people who are easily offended (or there are little ears nearby who shouldn't be hearing such things), you might want to grab your headphones or ear buds for this one (and for what it's worth, rest assured that on the off-chance I ever do think a song's content is for mature audiences only, I'll be sure to mention it as I have here before you go blaring it in the office).

Anyway, it's such a great song, you shouldn't miss it.

2.  Near the beginning of the podcast, I share some tips for shooting at dusk.  In fact, before we go out "into the field" on all future podcasts, I'll try to share a few tips and tricks that I picked up during the shoot.  So hopefully, between this and the Occasionally Technical Tuesday posts, you'll start to really pick up ways to improve your own photography.

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4.  If you're interested in sponsoring future episodes of The Beauty of Different Podcast, please email me at for more information.  If you have a great organization or an awesome product (especially if you're an artist or small business), I'd love to work with you to get the word out about what you do.








So with that, I hope you enjoy this week's episode.  Again, the song is Better than Everything, off of Eat More Cake's newest and debut album, Climb the Ladder, Live the Dream.  The entire album is awesome:  I've been listening to it constantly since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.  You can get it for yourself here.

Enjoy Episode #2 (note: it's a bit over 15 minutes long).  Simply click on the small triangle below to start listening (remember those ear buds!).


And if you do go out and shoot this weekend with this song in mind, please share a link to your image in the comments below. I'd love to see your images of dusk.

On that note, have a great weekend, everyone.


The Beauty of Different Podcast is an experiment at the intersection of photography and music.  You can now subscribe to this podcast for free on iTunes.  Click here to make the magic happen.

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