the beauty of different podcast, episode #3: overcast skies, wildflowers & the music of kwizera alfred

Welcome to The Beauty of Different Podcast, Episode #3!  I hope you guys are enjoying listening to these podcasts as much as I am making them -- I find that buy talking through how I shoot, I'm becoming more mindful of my own photography.  Hopefully if you're using these podcasts as inspiration for your own photoshoots, you're finding the same about your own practice.

Some highlights from this week's podcast:

1.  The artist being featured this week on the podcast is the gifted young singer, Kwizera Alfred, from Rwanda.  I first learned of Alfred from my friend, photojournalist Stephanie Roberts, when she interviewed him a year ago on one of her trips to Rwanda.  His story is amazing, and he clearly has a beautiful soul -- please click here to see the video.  You'll fall in love with him, as I did.

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3.  If you're interested in sponsoring future episodes of The Beauty of Different Podcast, please email me at for more information.  If you have a great organization or an awesome product (especially if you're an artist or small business), I'd love to work with you to get the word out about what you do.

And with that, please click on the small triangle below to listen to this week's podcast (approximately 13 minutes long):










The Beauty of Different Podcast is an experiment at the intersection of photography and music.  You can now subscribe to this podcast for free on iTunes.  Click here to make the magic happen.

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