on taking the bull by the horns

Every now and then I'm possessed of an idea for a project or an adventure that scares the bejeezus out of me.  My first inclination is to forget I ever thought of it.

This doesn't always work.

If I realize that I'm having a hard time letting go of the idea, then I know it's time to actually pay a bit of attention to it, even though it scares me.  Someone told me recently that they heard that whatever it is that scares you is what you should do. I don't know that that's true in every case, but I have to admit that there are certain things that I've done in my life -- like become certified in scuba diving, or write a book -- that certainly started out as a scary idea that I couldn't stop thinking about.  So perhaps there is something to that.

Anyway, first, I figure out exactly what it would take to do whatever harebrained idea is stuck in my craw.  I actually figure out the first steps: for scuba diving, it meant finding a school locally where I could take classes.  For writing the book, it meant connecting with my friend's friend who was in the publishing business, to figure out what was required to get a book published.  Nothing too detailed at first -- just a bit of research to figure out how big of a situation I'm about to get myself into.

And if, after doing that, I'm still thinking about doing it, then it's time.  It's time to take that very first baby step, that very first thing that indicates I'm committed.

Then, it's easy -- just one foot in front of the other, baby.  It's the first step that's the scariest, the rest is just the stuff that has to be done.

So, is it just me?  Do you ever do things that scare you? Do you have any crazy ideas rattling around your brain that you're too frightened to start?

What would it take for you to grab the bull by the horns?


Image:  Photographed at the ranch of The Pioneer Woman last year with my Nikon D300, 24mm lens (borrowed from Nikon).  aperture: 22, shutter speed 1/30, ISO 200.

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