list #21: 7 random thoughts after journaling yesterday morning

1.  Though I tend towards the generally happy and content, I also realize that I tend toward the serious.  I always have.  While this can seem precocious and charming when you're a child or even a young adult, as I race toward 44 (the hell?!), serious just seems... well, old.  I need to have more Silly in my life.  I shall get to work on that.

2.  Whee!

3.  I am so excited about our trip to Trinidad.  Four years is far too long to be away from home.  Is this the longest I've been away?  Anyway, I can't wait.  It is so strange to me that I've spent the majority of my life in the United States, yet Trinidad always and forever feels like home.  And it's going to be great to watch Alex try to remember her time there. 

4.  First thing I'm going to do when I land is buy a doubles.  I am not entirely sure how I've survived this long with one.

5.  I need to go get shots in advance of my Kenya trip. Man, I hate shots.

6.  I shouldn't think of shots. More Silly.  Whee!

7.  Okay, time to get to work.



Images:  These crazy fuschia hibiscus are blooming in a neighbour's front yard (seriously, one day, I will get arrested).  Photographed with my Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.  aperture 3.2, shutter speed 1/250, ISO 200.


Song: Red rolled and seen by Finley Quaye.