a lesson in civil unrest

Pro tip:  just because blue cheese is full of mold doesn't mean it can't actually go bad.  It just means that you can't *tell* when it's gone bad.

This is the lesson Marcus and I learned this weekend.  After a rather fabulous dinner at home on Friday night which included a generous hunk of blue cheese we found in our fridge ("We must have forgotten we bought that," we mused), we spent all day Saturday doubled over and groaning. 

(Mercifully, Alex had cheddar instead of blue cheese, and she felt fine.)

So Saturday was a bust, especially for poor Alex, who had to entertain herself all day.  But on Sunday, Marcus was feeling better, so he took her to Target, and picked up a few tools to teach her the art of war.

First, a demonstration:


Alex got the hang of it pretty quickly:



And she proceeded to shoot water through her father's head.




After that, it was on like a pot of neckbones:





Finally, because she decided her father wasn't doing it right, she took matters into her own hands:


Have a joy-filled week, everyone.


Images:  Photographed with my Nikon D300, 50mm lens.  aperture 1.4, shutter speed 1/1000, ISO 200


SongRapture by Blondie.  You had to figure this one was coming.