gone fishin'

As I say in my exceedingly rambly video above (because why use 1 word when 10 would suffice?), I'm off to my homeland for the World of Possibilities event, to be held 6-9:30pm on Thursday, June 16, at Joseph's Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval.  I'll be spending a week in Trinidad with Alex, and offline for the entire time.  In my absence (and in the spirit of television reruns), the following are links to 10 old posts of mine to pass the time.

Thanks for your indulgence, friends.  Have a great week, and if you happen to be reading this from Trinidad, I hope you'll consider registering for the World of Possibilities -- I'd love to meet you.

And of course, I'll be back with tons of photographs and stories on Monday, June 20th.


(P.S. In the video I reference my "great grandmother." I don't mean that. I mean my grandmother.  I really need this vacation.)