a soul rest

In the interest of giving your soul a rest and a chance to take in a bit of beauty, here are some lovely things I've found around the web lately:

- This narrated slide show of some amazing travel photography around the world took my breath away.  The images were submissions to the Travel Photographer of the Year competition in London, and if it doesn't prove that the world and its people are beautiful, I don't know what does.

- Yesterday, my friend C.C. tweeted the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed. I know it sounds morbid, but stick with me:  the responses provide a pretty wonderful guide for life.  Seriously, read it, and be inspired.

- I've fallen deeply in love with the quarterly print magazine Anthology, and its associated blog.  Please do check it out, and consider picking up a subscription for yourself (or someone you know who is into design).   I go back to my back issues constantly, because it's so full of eye candy; also, I'd just love to see a really high-quality print magazine do well, you know?

- I love this video recipe of how to make an apple galette -- it's beautifully shot, and there's more than enough detail to replicate the recipe in your own kitchen.  I think I see a baking day in my future.

- Have you seen the "Live the Language" ads for EF (Education First), a company that teaches foreign languages abroad?  Good Lord, they're stunning, and they make me pine for the days when I used to pack my bags and take off for unexplored locations all by myself.  I think the Beijing video is my absolute favourite -- but London, Paris and Barcelona are pretty spectacular as well.  Watch them, and start dreaming of perfect summer holidays.

And finally, the lovely Nicole of Ms. Mary Mack interviewed me -- and is giving away a copy of The Beauty of Different in the associated post.  Please go check it out, and feel free to leave a comment to win!

With that, Happy Love Thursday, friends. Take good care of yourselves today.


Image:  Photographed with my Nikon D300 and 50mm lens.  aperture 1.4, shutter speed 1/100, ISO 200.  Inspired by this lovely image.


Song: La Passionara by the Blow Monkeys