This weekend, Marcus Alex and I went over to my parents' place for lunch (and for Alex to play in their pool).  With all the travel I've been doing, it had been a while.

Alex played in the pool for hours, and then she wrapped herself in a towel and I took her upstairs to shower. Suddenly, my mom called out, "RAIN! RAIN!!"

You see, Texas is in the middle of a serious drought -- the worst single drought year on record.  It's really weird, too:  Houston is sort of known for its crazy, intense thunderstorms, but the truth is, I don't remember the last time we've had a serious soaker -- Marcus and Alex tell me it rained while I was in Iowa (or was it Kenya? Whenever it was, I promise I wasn't here to see it).  And so I came flying down the stairs to look out the window.

My mom and I stood staring at the rain sheeting against the glass for about 10 minutes, our mouths hanging open in awe.  All too soon, the rain abated.

But I grabbed my camera anyway, and went outside, while raindrops were still dripping from the leaves.







When we drove back to our own home, a mere 15 minutes away, we discovered that the rain hadn't made it to our neighbourhood -- so we were lucky to see it when we did.

Love when that happens.


Song: Heavy cloud, no rain by Sting

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