5 days in 4 minutes, and a giveaway

ONE Moms Trip to KenyaMe, making a new friend.  Photograph by Morgana Wingard, my new photography she-ro.

It took two days, but I've finally gone through the 1,600 photographs that I took while I was in Kenya, and I put together the following video.  When I watch it, it feels like I'm back in Kenya again, so I'm hoping that it gives you some idea of what an amazing experience it was.


In addition, I'll be putting together a gallery of my favourites of the 1,600 images, so stay tuned click here to scroll through my favourite images from Kenya at your leisure.

Now, for some fun stuff: ONE is still on a mission to obtain as many members as possible, and so, to sweeten the pot, I thought we could do a little giveaway.   Here's how it will work:

First, if you haven't already, please sign up for ONE.  If the widget below isn't working for you, if you're in America, you can sign up here, or if you're outside of the US, you can sign up here.  Also, it doesn't matter if you're a mom or not, or even if you're a woman or not.  And by the way, I assure you, ONE doesn't spam.  They're a great organization -- if they weren't, I absolutely wouldn't have gotten involved with them in the first place.  Seriously.

Next, once you're a member, please leave a comment indicating that you are, below.  Please use the same name that you used to sign up, so that ONE can verify that you're a member.

And that's it!  On Sunday, I'll pick a commenter at random to receive all of  the following:

  • A signed copy of The Beauty of Different.
  • A signed copy of Global Soccer Mom.  Author Shayne Moore was one of my travel companions, and has been a passionate advocate of ONE.  Her book is a practical guide on how you can make the world a better place, by making "individual powerful choices to alleviate suffering, no matter where it finds its home."
  • A signed copy of She Did What She Could.  Author Elisa Morgan was also one of my travel companions.  She's the creative mind behind Fullfill.org, a faith-based organization designed to help mobilize women from all walks of life for the purpose of changing the world.
  • A copy of the trip book that is currently in production:  ONE is producing a bound volume containing thoughts from all of the bloggers who went to Kenya with one last week, including photographs taking by Morgana and me.  The book is intended to be for the travelers, but ONE has agreed to give one away here on Chookooloonks; and
  • Some prints of my favourite photographs that I took while I was in Kenya.  Something that will hopefully help brighten up your workspace.

So that's it!  By the way, words really can't express how much I've appreciated your support around this trip, really, really.  Tomorrow, I head to San Diego -- I'm speaking at BlogHer, but Marcus and Alex are coming with me, so for the most part, we're going to cocoon and spend some long-missed family time together.  I'll return to my regular blogging schedule (and blogging subjects!) on Monday.

Thanks again, friends.  See you soon.


Song:  Nango, by Yunasi.  Yunasi is a Kenyan band, and this song is featured in the video above.

Update, August 4 -- loving all these comments, please keep it up!  I wanted to highlight one in particular left by Fred, however, because it's about the lyrics of this song.  I thought it was especially fitting:

What a great blog post.  I hits home for me on so many levels.  I'm from Kenya, a ONE employee, and an amateur photographer.  Great video too.  I speak dholuo, the language in that song playing in the background.  I'll loosely translate the chorus - "you cry for me, but I'm going just fine. you kill me (figuratively) but I'm still alive and kicking."