random thoughts: family art

Yesterday, as predicted, was an incredibly lazy day:  we got up when we were good and ready, and after a leisurely breakfast, we pretty much spent the entire day cutting, gluing, painting, and generally creating art.

It was glorious.

While each of us does some form of art frequently (Marcus is a gifted painter), we only ever sit down and make art together as a family a few times a year.  Still, this is more often than I ever did with my family when I was a child.  I can't help but wonder if Alex will have fond memories of these times when she's an adult.

Even though I don't have memories of making art with my family, I do have tons of memories of making music with them -- my sister and I took piano lessons, my mom plays piano beautifully, my mom and I both sang, and my dad is a huge classical music fan, and has tried his hand at clarinet, violin, and flute.  There were many times -- especially at Christmastime -- when our family would get together and make (admittedly not-very-good) music.  And sometimes I wonder if the fact that Marcus, Alex and I don't make music together is somehow depriving Alex of an important family experience.

But you know, whatever.  At least we have art.



Song: Virtual insanity by Jamiroquai

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