old fashioned

Despite my admitted love and adoration of the internet and the connections it enables, last night I was reminded that there are certain things for which I will always be terminally old school.  For example:

I will always love a handwritten letter over an email;

I will always prefer an actual, honest-to-goodness book with a real cover and high-quality paper pages over an ebook; and finally

I will always and forever prefer connecting with good friends in person over getting in touch with them virtually.





Happy Love Thursday, friends.  May you connect with an old friend in real life today.


* * * * * * *

So great seeing where you all are from -- thanks so much your letting me know yesterday!  And according to Random.org, the winner of the signed copy of The Beauty of Different is Laurie Jacobsen, who said "Tucson, Arizona!!! i heart you, karen walrond!"  Congrats, Laurie, I heart you too!  Check your inbox for an email from me requesting your snail mail address.


Song: Good riddance (time of your life) by Green Day

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