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In contrast to Monday, yesterday was a stunning day.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the humidity dropped, the temperature was mild.  It was definitely not a day to sit behind a computer or go to a stuffy gym.

This was a day to enjoy the outdoors!

To bask in the sun!

To fill the lungs with fresh air!


To engage in a little civil disobedience.






On my way back home, two cyclists approached at breakneck speed.  I stepped off the pavement to give them room to pass.  As our eyes met, I smiled.  They both flashed grins back.

"How ya doin', beautiful?"  the second one called over his shoulder as he whizzed by.



I'm doin' just fine.


(I'm of the opinion that it is impossible to tell someone -- anyone -- that they're beautiful often enough.  So if you'd like to contemplate your own acts of civil disobedience, check out the You Are Beautiful project.  And thanks, Kelly Rae, for turning me on to them!)

(Update:  Jessica, below, reminded me -- I have similar product to the above in my Zazzle store!  So if you'd rather not deface any property, and instead just leave cards around that say similar sentiments, please check these out -- they're business cards that say "You are receiving this card because you are uncommonly beautiful."  Leave them lying around wherever you'd like, and enjoy. )


SongBeautiful by Damian Marley featuring Bobby Brown

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