the angel in the red hat

Last week around midweek, I received the following email:

any chance you live near the airport and could meet a sister for some tea?

Attached was a travel itinerary.  It was from Myriam, a friend I introduced you to a couple of years ago, and who I hadn't seen in a few years.  When you meet Myriam, the word that immediately comes to mind is "exuberant": she's full of smiles and child-like joy and playfulness, while at the same time demonstrating a searing intellect and a creative and profound spirit.  Her itinerary indicated that on Saturday she would be on her way to Mexico, with a quick layover in Houston.

I don't live anywhere near the airport, but there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to catch up with my friend in person.  We quickly made arrangements, and on Saturday, I headed north to IAH.

Myriam came running through security with her trademark enthusiasm, almost bowling me over with her great big hug and huge smile.  There was a Starbucks nearby with a couple of comfortable armchairs, so we grabbed two drinks and settled in for about an hour of proper nattering. 

Last week was sort of a crazy, emotional, roller-coaster week, and I found myself spilling everything to Myriam.  She listened intently, and as she always does, she said absolutely the right things in response, making me laugh in the process.

The hour passed far too quickly, and soon she had to rush to catch her flight.  But first, we dashed outside for a quick photo shoot:



As I hugged her good-bye and watched her race through security (there was absolutely no line -- a first for Intercontinental Airport!), I realized that I felt lighter than I had in days.  Ten minutes later I was on the road on the way back home, and she was gone.  I have no idea when I'll see Myriam again, but I hope it's very soon.

And on the way home, I couldn't help but think that the whole experience felt like God or the Universe sent exactly the right person, right out of the blue and right into my life, at exactly the right time.

Complete with an awesomely-badass red hat.


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