wildly convinced you're uncommonly beautiful

Amazing art by Kal Barteski

Isn't it beautiful?

This 16"x20" print you see above is a result of a truly awesome collaboration with rockstar artist Kal Barteski.  It all started when one of my favourite online photographers, Rachel James, suggested that I create a poster for Chookooloonks.  I thought it was a stellar idea, and since I've been using the phrase "wildly convinced you're uncommonly beautiful" as my tagline on Twitter since 2010 (and will also be doing so on my soon-to-be-revealed new site design), the timing was perfect. A few quick phone calls with Kal, and she whipped up the amazing design above.  I was able to see the first run of the prints while I was in Salt Lake City last week, and it is seriously beyond any expectations I had.  They are just stunning, and I'm so grateful.  Best news?  The limited run is available for preorder, and based on the reaction we received at the Alt Summit, they will go fast.  Click here to preorder one for yourself!

But even better ...

I snagged one from Kal while I was there, and I'd love to give it away.  So leave a comment saying whatever you'd like below, and I'll pick one commenter at random to receive a numbered print from this first run, along with a signed copy of The Beauty of Different, inscribed to whomever you'd like.  It doesn't matter where in the world you're located, either -- this is a message that needs to spread worldwide. 

 * * * * * * *

Speaking of "uncommonly beautiful," here are the uncommonly beautiful faces I was thrilled to photograph in Salt Lake City:

Heather, politico extraordinaire behind Poliogue and No Pasa Nada.


Holly, English Rose and resident Shakespeare of Nothing But Bonfires.

 Jordan, creative mind and event planner behind Oh Happy Day!


Leslie, the joy-filled, generous photographer of Lights and Letters.


Mae, the sweet soul Here in this House.


Meghan, talented photographer of Life Refocused.


Jennifer, the lovely, gentle interior designer of Dec-a-Porter.


Thanks to all of you lovelies for sharing your spirits with me -- it was a true pleasure to spend time with each of you.


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Update:  The winner has been picked!  Thanks to all of you who participated.  Of course, if you still want a print, they are available for preorder now -- and I suspect they're going to go fast, so hurry!

Song: Beautiful as performed by The Lemonheads

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