list #31: 4 beautiful things

Still buried, friends, so in lieu of a proper post, I thought I'd share with you a list of beautiful things I've come across recently.

1.  Shop decor.  The abstract mobile above is hanging from the ceiling at a Free People store here in Houston.  Isn't it sort of glorious?  (An aside:  I can't help but wonder if the term "vegan leather" is really a nicer, more politically-correct term for "pleather," am I right?)


2.  The recipe for pesto.   Tell me the video below doesn't make you want to run into your kitchen, grab one of those rocking-knife-thingies and get to work:


3.  A thousand words.  This video is an oldie, but a goodie, exploring what happens when you take the opportunity to connect with someone.  And look, it features that cool actor from Saturday Night Live!


4.  A turntable that plays slabs of wood.  Consider this the song of the day:  this turntable takes the grooves from the rings of tree trunks, and translates them to pianoHaunting, man.


Enjoy, friends.  Hope to come up for air tomorrow.

Karen Walrond5 Comments