random thoughts: at the kitchen table

Is it just me, or does it feel like to you that some of the most meaningful conversations in life happen at the kitchen table?  We don't have the best kitchen in the world (let me tell you, the urge to remodel our kitchen is strong), but it is where we often gravitate when close friends come over.  If you're an acquaintance or a stranger?  Welcome to our living room.  Do we consider you family?  Pull up a chair at the table, love.  Don't mind those, just push those books and things aside.  Tea?  Coffee?

Glass of wine?

If you were sitting with me at my kitchen table today, I'd probably:

  • tell you how I may have bitten off more than I can chew with all the exciting stuff I have planned for Chookooloonks in the very near future.  I'd probably tell you that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but when I think about how awesome it's all going to be when everything is finished, I get excited again;
  • tell you that I hope you brought your wallet with you -- Alex is selling Girl Scout cookies;
  • tell you I'm missing the beach, and I wish we had a beach trip planned sometime soon, even though it's impossible for now;
  • confess that the only real new year's resolution I've made this year is to make the bed every day (and I'm already slipping a bit); and
  • ask you to tell me what good is happening in your life these days.


Is your kitchen table where it all happens, as well?  Also, what good is going on in your life these days?



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