#40daysoflight: #disneytweens recap

So while I'd always intended to do a recap of our trip to Disney World,  I decided that since this trip was specifically for tweens, the best thing would be for my tween to write the recap herself.  So here are Alex's thoughts on her Disney World experience, in her own words.

Before I get to the actual thing about the Theme Parks, I'm going to tell you now, so you don't have to suffer the pain of seemingly broken feet:  bring comfy shoes!  

Just saying.  Seriously -- shoes like Converse, Nike, or whatever -- you don't have to look perfect, just be comfortable!

Now.  Personally, I like big rides with loops and big drops, so I would suggest rides like Rock n' Roller Coaster, Space Mountain and Expedition Everest are for people like me.  To be honest, Rock n' Roller Coaster is totally amazing, because they have music playing the whole time.  When they count down, it looks terrifying, but you only go super fast at the beginning, so you can get a big push; then you go the same speed for pretty much of the rest of the ride.  

But if you're like my mom, who likes little rides with smooth, tame tracks, then you should ride Test Track or Aladdin's Magic Carpets.  

I made a couple friends there, and had a great time.  I met Chewbacca, which was awesome!  At first I was like ... "what?"  And then I was like "OMIGOD, IT'S CHEWIE!!"  I was quietly fangirling on the inside ... yeah.  

Some tips:  

  • I learned this from a friend (trust me):  if you're planning on going to a fancy restaurant, then bring extra clothes to the park, so you look fresh (like the Fresh Prince). 
  • Don't bring a bag that holds more than you need. 
  • They can ship the things you buy at your park to your hotel room if you're staying at a hotel at the resort.
  • My favourite ride was probably Rock n' Roller Coaster (if you didn't notice).   It's super fun for me.

Well that's all for now -- but Disney World?  It's pretty amazing.

Huge thanks to everyone at Disney for their kind and incredibly generous gift to my family to visit this amazing place, and making this a vacation to remember.  And as for my recap (in photo form), check out the new gallery of some of my favourite shots from our trip.