#40daysoflight: galveston

Marcus' closest childhood friend, Justine, and her husband Al are visiting us this week from England.  And because England is currently cold and rainy (no surprise) and we're having an unseasonably early spring (happy surprise), we decided to spend the bank holiday yesterday at Galveston, the incredibly sweet, soulful little seaside town about 45 minutes south of Houston.

It was a great time.


At one point, we happened upon what appeared to be a seagull convention.

"It's like GullCon 2016," Alex said.


It was mildly alarming.


Still, the light was pretty fabulous.  And it's lovely to have our friends here.


Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Soundtrack:  Home, by Johnnyswim.  The video was shot in Galveston.  Click here or on the image below to watch.


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